the AcquaViva Yoga & Teacher Development Courses

There are 3 courses running: Two running in Brighton & Hove, and the other running In Edinburgh Scotland. (One weekend/month in Brighton and Edinburgh, 2x Wenesdays/month in Hove. Venues & dates are listed below.)

To Maintain the highest quality of attention and support, course workshops are restricted to small groups. And the modular structuring of the courses means that you can apply at any time and join as soon as a space becomes available.


Courses on offer:

  • 7-day Full Immersion Residential Intensive Retreats *
  • 12 day Yoga Immersion Embodiment Courses (84 hrs**)
  • 20 day Full Immersion Foundation Courses (140 hrs**)
  • 200 hr Teacher Development Course (250 contact hrs**)
  • 500 hr Teacher Development Full Diploma Course**
  • 1000hr+*** advanced Teacher Development Programmes

Accreditation is by the School, and AcquaViva Diploma Certificates are fully recognised by the IYN and AIYP.

*Intensive retreats are for those already directly familiar with Marc's work, or that have worked extensively with a 1000hr Graduate. They are an essential part of the Teacher programmes but are open to all that are familiar and willing to immerse deeply for a week. Currently once/year at In Sabina Italy (details are here). There is also an yearly full immersion week in Hove in Marc's garden studio.

**Each 2-day workshop (either a weekend, or two Wednesdays in a month) comes with extra-curricular group support time (inclusive) with one of the Course Directors (via Skype, Zoom or in person) as well as ongoing support from the developing community of long-term students and Graduades that wish to continue training with us. We feel that 500 hrs is the minimum required to gain the appropriate experience at a natural pace to be able to teach independently, but you will be able to teach under our auspices from an appropriate point during the foundation stage (when you are ready). We will require you to be teaching a small group of your own throughout the following teacher training phase, if you wish to qualify with us.

item54 ***Only for our Graduates and by invitation only. This generally takes you to the stage of being able to treat most common joint/postural/spinal and other health issues. You will be part of the mentoring (yoga sister/brother) programme. You will be invited to assistant-teach/lead the group-work on occasion, and contirbute any written research to the School's Resources.


The priority of the School....GroupScot
is to provide a safe environment, direct guidance and support, and a distillation of the most useful information available, so that each individual on the course finds their way to personal liberation and empowerment through the practical application of Yoga.

This is an ongoing modular course... So you can apply at any time (for short immersion or foundation courses).
If accepted on the course you will be joining on the next 'part 1' of a seriies (currently January and September 2018).

Once you have completed a foundation course, you may apply to continue to attend for the Teacher Development phase (a further12 weekends, in series) A one week intensive retreat is also a required part of the Teacher Training, but is also available to any students wishing to thouroughly deepen their direct experience of the work.

In the meantime Marc runs occasional introductory days, open workshops and retreats (appropriate for and open to all)... details of workshops with Marc and/or Abigal can be found on the workshops listings page


Venues & Dates


@ Unit 4
20-26 Round Hill Street,
East Sussex




Course Dates (Weekends 10:30am-5:00pm) : Please scroll 65


  • Jan 13/14 ~ Pete Blackaby- Sat/Practical Philosophy - Sunday ~ part 1
  • Feb 10/11 -part 2
  • Mar 10/11 - part3
  • Apr 14/15 - part4 (this one is at the Buddhist Centre)
  • May 5/6 - part5 (back at Unit4)
  • June 16/17 - part6


  • Marc's Garden retreat (August - details TBC)


  • Sept 15/16 - part1
  • Oct 13/14 - part2
  • Nov 3/4 - part3
  • Dec 1/2 - part4






Hove - Wilbury Gardens




Course Dates (Wednesdays11:00am -5:30pm) : Please scroll 65





@ Santosa
21 Albert St, Edinburgh




Course Dates (Weekends 10:30am-5:00pm) : Please scroll 65



  • Marc's Garden retreat (August - details TBC)



  • 22/23 Sept - part 1
  • 20/21 Oct - part2
  • 10/11 Nov - part3
  • 8/9 Dec - part 4



Course Framework...

Weekend workshops are organised approximately as follows...

(Brighton and Scotland) Saturdays & Sundays ~ 1 weekend/month:
10:30am - 5:00pm with appropriate breaks (arrival from 10am)

(Hove) 2 consecutive Wednesdays
10:30am - 5:00pm with approprate breaks.

Each weekend/first Wednesday of the month, often starts with aa 'Sanga Mandala' - an opportunity for people to share where they are at in their practice, which can include what is going on for them in their lives. This is just an open space for expression, but the weekend content will then naturally include potential solutions and answers to the points raised.

The first class of the day usually involves a consolidating revisit of the previous workshop's themes, and will and naturally serveas an introduction to the theme of the next part of the series.

The theme(s) of a 2-day workshop are presented and explored through guided physical practice and pranayama. There is always space for Q & A and discussion, to which there will be answers and guided practical exploration of the meaning of the answer (yoga), as well as working together in groups...


Each day is well apportioned in its rhythms of practical, theoretical and philosophical approaches to the yoga, so that body mind and soul can absorb the benefits of the work most effectively.

There are guided sessions throughout, as well as time to explore things in your own self-practice (with hands-on help from course leaers and assistant teachers/mentors) ...


This allows for a very natural learning environment...

.... which means that  within the framework of the modular content, each 2-day workshops is an entirely unique experience.

When appropriate, there is some reference to relevant anatomy/physiology/philosophical implications of the work. But wherther it is physiological or philosophical, ideas are always tested out through practical application to posture/pranayama/meditative practices, to avoid the pit-falls of headiness and intellectual misdirection.   

At the end of the worksshop we like to make sure there is time for deep relaxation (Marc soften plays the shrutti box and chants to hold the space), and at the end of the day we offer some suggestions that will help you integrate and explore the themes for yourself during your home-practice/study. 





Videos & Other Resources

Each and every workshops is filmed...


The nature of the work means that a lot of the best (and often most pioneering moments) in teaching, arise spontaneously on the day, in direct response to the direct needs of the group, or simply in response to some question put by a student.
And the fact that each of these unique events is recorded, means there is a ever-growing library of online guidance second to none.
Together with the input and support from the AcquaViva qualified Teachers that return to further their yoga and learning, we feel that our ever-evolving Course Programmes offer unparalleled support, which we believe is entirely appropriate for the process of transformations that these courses invite.


As an attending student on any weekend workshop, you gain free access to the films of that weekend (and the films of the other concurrent course venues). And if you are unable to make any particular part of your Course, you will still have access to whichever part you miss. For those wishing accreditation by the School, if you miss a 2-day workshop (or a significant part of one), you may need to be guided through the content with additional 'catch up' Skypes and 121s. If accreditation is not required, or if you only need a certificate of attendance, then engaging wholeheartedly with the films of missed workshops should be enough for you to 'stay on track' so as to benefit from the full-immersion process.

It is estimated that the actual proportion information that anyone can manage to fully absorb over a weekend like this, is around the same as the proportion of the brain that we tend to use...approximately 10%.

Having the other 90% available on tap, makes the filming of these workshops one of the most powerful resources than you can have...

In addition, to support your own practice over subsequent months, you will also have access to an ever-expanding resource of recorded audio classes associated with the particular themes of the workshops you have attended.

You will need to sign up for a (free) Vimeo account to gain access to the videos and you are given access specifically to the videos of workshops you have attended (and if you are signed up for the course and are part of the group, also for ones you have to miss).

(if you want a peek at the current resource page, click here ... you won't be able to access the actual videos without direct permission, but it will give you an idea of what is avaialble to you after each workshop)

We regularly hear that these things are deeply appreciated by current and past AcquaViva traineees (We intend to maintain your access to notes and other resources for life).




Attendance Options & Requirements

The Teacher Development Course Hours:

In order to progress onto teacher development attendance, a minimum of 10x2-day workshops must be attended in immersion/foundation mode (this is applicable to everyone regardless of previous yoga experience)
There can be a break between foundation and teacher development phases, but if it is a year or more, we may require a further full-immersion attendance before commencing Teacher Development.


All courses lead to a certificate of attendance which can count towards CPD and may also be included in your recognition as a teacher by the IYN. Because of the depth and nature of the work, we consider the 500hr course to be the minimum requirement for you to be directly accredited by our School - our main aim is to help guide people into a direct and personal experience of transformation - unveiling and supporting the true and essential nature of each participant of any course. Sharing this work with others is often a natural outcome of practice, but each teacher that evolves will be unique in their approach, because their teaching will be based on their unique set of challenges and triumphs, in developing their personal practice.

What if you don't want to 'be a teacher' ?

The course is just as useful to those that have no intention of 'becoming a yoga teacher'. In fact, it can be an advantage to learning if this pressure is removed.

However, whatever level of commitment is made, attendance on an AcquaViva course develops and nurtures the individual's ability to share the understanding with others, simply because it arises from an authentic direct embodiment of principles in practice. The result is that the student becomes their own source. So whether you wish to teach or not, the complete course will provide you with a direct awareness of what is going on for other people in their bodies. Basically, if you work with people, it can be applied to whatever you do.

NB. All courses are structured in a way that requires serial attendance for the best results.

Because of the modular structuring we are able to offer:

  • 7 day full immersion intensive retreat *(a complete experience in itself - required for completion certificates of short or full Yoga Teacher Development Courses, but available at any time to course students and others that are familiar with Marc's work)
  • Short immersion embodiment course (12 workshop days - For an embodied experience of what the work can do, as well as practical exploration of the true meaning of yoga for established teachers) .
  • Full immersion foundation course (20 workshop days in series - as above with deeper integration as the outcome. A pre-requisite as a basis to entering a teacher-development phase of the work)
  • 250hr Teacher development course (a foundation plus 12 additional workshop days and attendance on a 7-day immersion retreat. This leads to a deep embodiment and practical understanding of the principles behind the work. Those that already teach would experience this as a post-graduate development course.)
  • Full 500 hour Yoga and Teacher Diploma course **(a Foundation course plus a further 24 workshop days, plus attendance on one of our 1-week intensive retreats. This can lead to a 500hour diploma accredited by the AcquaViva School of Yoga).
  • 1000+ hour Development courses (for the ever expanding community of excellent teachers and dedicated practitioners that wish to continue their yoga journey with us, and share their vast experience with new arrivals: This role in the school comes with price privileges).

Short courses and Foundation attendance have no home-study requirements. We only ask that you practice with the benefits of the workshops and keep a journal of your experiences. The journalling is required for those wishing to move on to teacher development.

There will be some home-practice guides and homestudy assignments made available to those that continue through to the Yoga & Teacher Development phase. If you continue without wishing to qualify, you still have access to these resources (without any requirements).


The Course Requirements:

It is recommended that you have time for a regular physical pratice ~ an hour/day would be about right to start with to make the most of the theme of the month.Regular practice of a theme will naturally move you on towards other things, and your own investigations are encouraged, but returning to the them in your own practice will give you fresh inspiration and momentum in your own practice. You will find that the amount of dedicated mat time can be reduced later, when the principles of the work have found themselves in your day-to-day life.

If you wish to take a place on the Course for general self-development purposes or simply to deepen your practice, and you know you don't want to teach, you won't need to fullful any of the School's 'Teacher Development' requirements.

However, if you want to teach; or if you already teach and are using the course as post graduate advancement; even if you just want to make the very most out of the course, then the yoga principles willl need to expand into some study. This will mostly be to flesh out and validate actual experience.

Even for those that have no intention to teach, gaining the 'eyes to see' is a natural consequence of the practice, and 'seeing' is the greatest learning tool.

This yoga is about exploring and expanding choices hat may not be currently available to us, and working with others gives us unique opportunities to see things from different and more objective perspectives. It is compassionate objectivity that allows instant solutions to appear to our awareness, so ultimately, sharing your experience is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your own yoga journey. 

This natural progression towards sharing the work is accommodated by the course’s recognition by the AIYP and IYN, allowing you to teach under the auspices of the School from your first commitment to the process.

Once enrolled on the AcquaViva course, with a letter of recommendation, you can join either the IYN or AIYP and become insured to teach immediately with 'student teacher' status. (This can apply from an appropriate point during the foundation onwards, if you are sure that you wish to continue through to teacher training).


All assignments are designed to support your ongoing yoga journey...

... just as much as they are a requirement for your development as a teacher. So essentially, even if you don't need or wish for accreditation, applying yourself whole-heartedly to as much of  the course content as you can, will be the very best thing you can do for the development of your personal practice, and if you so desire, teaching practice.

There is inevitably more study involved if you intend to share your yoga with others, as you will need to develop an understanding that can explain things helpfully to other personalities, other body types, and other preferred modes of learning and communication. 

However, it is important to understand that it is direct personal Practice, centered on whatever you may be interested in exploring (for yourself or for others), that will become as the source of  your understanding, so study assignments will essentially need to become  practical.

'How can you possibly 'learn to teach' this Yoga?'


item37It is actually sublimely simple... you don't actually need to 'know' anything, but you do need to be intensely interested in discovering the truth of things.

You just need to fall in love with investigating the true nature of the body-mind relationship.

You need to become fascinated... in what happens when you alight compassionate attention to some part of yourself that is asking for something.

The solution will be in your relationships to other things: Contact with the Earth, with Space, through Gravity, Breathing & whole-hearted natural Expression. - ie. being alive.

Guidance helps because someone that has already been through the process, can see through all the apparent complications to the beauty of the practitioner in front of them. And they will be able to guide you to a place where it is safe for you to let go of your compensations and holding patterns.

When you have found the Yoga, the integration, it is because these things are no longer in conflict with each other in you - so that part of you that you were paying attention to will simply spark into life.

'Knowing' becomes a simple act of recognition. 'Teaching', becomes the ability to help strip away unnecessary complication.

Both 'knowing' and 'teaching' become a process of simplification - this is how you can recognise that what you are practicing and sharing with people is Yoga. item38

~ Marc J. Acquaviva (fka Marc Woolford).  

Your Investment

Here is a summary of tuition fees, and what is included at each level of commitment.

For attendance on a full-immersion short course (4- or 6-weekend).
This includes:
Access to workshop videos (all workshops all venues) and regular live interactive online Zoom training classes between workshops led by course leaders (appprox 50-90 hours - attendance certified - CPD)


For the 8-day (4-weekend) Short Course: £695
For the 12-day (6-weekend) Short Course: £955

For attendance on a 10 weekend/20-day foundation course, This includes: Access to workshop videos (all workshops all venues) and regular live interactive online Zoom training classes between workshops led by course leaders. Plus a one hour 121 with Marc or Abigail to help develop practice (approx. 140- 150 contact hours - attendance certified - CPD):
Cost: £1,595

For those that wish to continue to deepen experience and understanding behind the approach, or to share the work with others ~ the Teacher Development phase ...

The 200 hr Teacher Development Course (a total of 32 workshop days/16 weekend,plus tuition on a 7 day full immersion retreat). This includes: Access to workshop videos (all workshops all venues) and regular live interactive online Zoom training classes between workshops led by course leaders. Plus at least two x one hours of private tuition with Marc or Abigail to help develop practice/teaching skills (approx. 250-280 contact hours - attendance certified - post grad CPD, recognised by IYN):

Cost: £2,975 (accommodation, food and travel not included)

The 500hr Full Teaching Diploma Course (a total of 44 workshop days plus tuition on a full immersion retreat) This includes: access to workshop videos, and full access to the expanding AcquaViva online library of resources - audio classes, audio-visual tools, notes and homestudy/practice guidelines. Also includes at least 5 hours of private tuition with, and teacher mentoring support by Course leaders in between workshops: (a total of around 350-380 contact hours - accedited Diploma certification by the Acquaviva School of Yoga, recognised by IYN & AIYP):
Cost: £3,975 (accommodation, food and travel not included)

Payable by instalments

For tuition over a one week full immersion intensive retreat** (35 - 40 contact hours):
Cost: Included in the total for Teacher development tuition fees,
(Accommodation and travel costs are not included ).
For everyone else, tuition Cost is £425 (plus accommodation/food)

These retreats are avaialble to any AcquaViva students, past or present, that wish to immerse for a week, they are also available to anyone else that is familiar enough with Marc's work to commit to a week's intensive (you need to have attended at least one workshop or had 2 hours of private tuition)... The structure of an intensive week is designed to cover the wholeness of practice, so each week can be considered as a practical consolidation of all Conditions/all 6 Parts of any of the modules, within the overall themes and practices of that week.

Attendance on one of these weeks is required for completion of 250 and 500hr Diploma certification (see 'Course Venues and Dates').
These retreats are ony for people that are familiar with the work - they will be either AcquaViva graduates, long term students, or those currently on one of the modular courses. There are usually two intensive retreats per year for AcquaViva members to choose from: one at in Sabina, Italy in the autumn, and one low-cost option in the Summer in Marc's Garden studio in Hove (details TBC) . To make sure of the best experience, numbers for each retreat is restricted appropriately.

On the retreat in Italy, there is also space for for partners that would like to come and enjoy the atmosphere and gorgeous food without taking part in the yoga. The summer intensive ivovles you organising your own accommodation, so you can be wherever you like. However, both options require wholle-hearted state of mind (and attendance if it is to be included for qualification). Intensives are so-named appropriately, (classes early morning, workshops late morning and late afternoon, with an afternoon off mid-week), so non-participating partners will need to be happy to occupy themselves whilst you are at the yoga.

After successful application (for any version of the modular course you wish to commit to), a deposit of £495 is required to secure your place (£295 for short courses and intensive retreats). The main thing we are looking for is a commitment to the discovery and depth of the work, so please contact Abigail Peck if you need other payment/attendance options.


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