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(TTmod 1,2,3,4,5, 6... consolidation )



(TTmod 1,3,4,5, 6... consolidation )
WS 15 (TT8): June 2015



  • Ella class
  • Contraindications ~ conditions solutions and application
  • Understanding the potential contributary postural relationships to organ dysfunction/redressal.
  • triangle, warrior, king pigeon.
  • pranayama in posture
  • eagle and scissor arms in postures
  • bow & camel
  • voice work and chatoic release
  • lotus
  • sitting & pranayama



  • Marc-led Conditions free practice
  • Shoulders & eagle pose arms (opening the thoracic without extension)
  • Cow pose arms (scissor arms) - triangle sequence approach
  • lotus
  • bridge /back bend
  • marc's sutras approach
  • Pranayama - Bhastrika in sitting twist sequence
  • upper and lower belly patterning.. use in posture
  • sun salute
  • reclining twist






(TTmod 1,3,4,5, 6... consolidation )
WS 14 (TT7): May 2015

Student teaching & class structuring
ALL Conditions

Introducing Condition 6 (Release... the breath back to the centre [of what you are doing] ...and from there into movement)





(TTmod 2,5&6 )
WS 13 (TT6): April 2015

Introducing Condition 5 (Receive ... the breath; into what you are doing; into the centre and the space all about you)

and Condition 6 (Release... the breath back to the centre [of what you are doing] ...and from there into movement)

  • details to follow





(TTmod 1 - 4 )
WS 12 : March 2015


  • Louisa class ~ investigation into head and neck in practice (Lewes)
  • Ongoing investigation into the Patterning of the head and neck - Bump at the base of the neck (C7-T1) is relationships with the ball of the foot/inner touch as a starting point.
  • A further definition of Creating the Conditions Condition 4 = RELEASE from the spine into a Pulse
  • POSTURES:sitting, standing, cat, dog forward bend*- squat - dog - bridge**
  • *Patterning of the bump of the base of the neck
  • **Patterning of knees and elbows in space
  • POSTURES: Forward bend, squat, *crow**


  • Mahapranayama - Released Pulsing of useful Patterning. Putting the spine together back & front (cond 3) to create the potential for release in pulsing (cond 4) - Bridge
  • Elbow patterning and the consequences around shoulder girdle and joints (wing patterning), and in the CORE RESPONSIVENESS and Condition3 (vid2.1. 0:30 - Hot mat Louisa)
  • Group work: elbow/knee patterning in bridge
  • Yeilding quality of the spine with the yeilding quality of the touch. Spine=touch
  • Standing balances, tree, leg stretch, half moon using MUDRA (1+2=Condition3= core resoponses). Extreme patterning (expression hands/feet). Then passive rhythmic patterning in Condition 4 with the release of the breath
  • The simple nature of looking for the starting point, and how to turn the NATURE into 'Creating' the Conditions (1-4).. 'You don't have to know anything!... you just need to be interested in what happens'.MW
  • headstand
  • Relationships vs. posture as core intent
  • An approach to king pigeon
  • Cobra /sphynx - bump of neck and ribs...
  • Standing backbend (anuvitasana)
  • Using patterning of the arms for support in space
  • sitting sequence for hips (extreme patterning of feet) including a potential hand balance and wide stride seated forward bend (upavistakonasana).. more 1,2,3,4 patterning
  • bridge & hip stretch sequ
  • Group work- partnered up assisted straight leg twist
  • Heart Meditation and chant





(TTmod 1,2,3)
WS 11 Jan 2015


  • Cindy class ~ sun salute/ hip openers (Lewes)
  • Alison Class ~ Exploration of relationships in different orientations. (Edin)
  • Feedback on class plan submissions and teaching hints that arose.
  • The head and neck - the nature of the vertebrae, rotation/side bending sourced in the thoracic spine, learning to remain passive (non-reactive/non-compensatory) in the head & neck in reclined movement.


  • Supportive nature of connective tissue (using blankets/latex sheets) - reclining and standing postures- structure meets connective tissue: condition 1+condition2 (1+2=3)
  • 'Patterning' of the head (explored in seated postures)
  • A deeper exploration of the 'rules of the spine' ... side bending/twisting in the ribs, causing space in the waist and neck by giving to the touch
  • A seated sequence
  • Deep hip external rotations (half yoga nidrasana/sleeping pose & tortoise) and the hips/pelvis second relationship (to the little toes)=flexion of the lumbar spine
  • touching on shoulder stand from deep reclined flexion.





(TTmod 1,3)
WS 10 Nov/Dec 2014

Saturday Workshop with Pete Blackaby::

  • Functionlism vs. structuralism - a gentle debunking of 'anatomical thinking' in body work - some observations and discoveries about the motor-nervous system... (Marc's favorite: the discovery that individual motor-neurons source entire patterns of movement).
  • Exploring the effect of rest
  • Exploring the difference between perceived and actual movement in side bending/triangle.
  • Compliance and constriction:
    • exaggeration of preferential movement,
    • constriction of preference to expand oppositional choice, and
    • whole-body compliance:
      a 3-way look at influencing patterns of movement.

Sunday with Marc:

  • Standing sequence (Lewes)
  • Development of bridge from Condition 1 (Pete-style, straight line knees to upper back - to the touch of the feet) to Condition 2 (releasing hips back ~ extension response in spine) (Edin)
  • Sitting squat-standing (sacrum and pelvis patterns) (Both venues)
  • Moving from the internal spaces ~ Condition 3 (Edin)
  • Reclining eagle (wing patterns - Lewes)
  • Head and neck patterning (Edinburgh)






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Marc's Personal Practice with commentary :



Marc's video guides

PATTERNING (mods 1-4):
(You can play these videos directly on this page).

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(TTmod 2,3,4)
WS 9 October ~ 2014

  • Lewes-Ella class (shoulders)
  • Edin - Jane class (employing 1,2,3 of sound to naturalize practice)
  • Ribs - shoulder girdle/wings
  • Away from the touch with the earth and feet and out into space (Cond1-2)
  • Back from the touch with space and the hands (thru the shoulders) and into the spine (Cond2-Cond3)
  • Sternum/sacrum relationships (introducing 'the heels' of the body - Cond3)
  • Further clarification of 'the rules of the spine'.
  • Massage and anatomy investigation: Piriformis (sacrum-greater trochanter) & pelvic floor, Transversus thoracis (breastbone-ribs)





October 2014 ~ visiting teachers:
Sophy Hoare & Diane Long




(TTmods 1 & 3)
WS8 September ~ 2014

  • Yamas/niyamas in practice (class with Abigail)
  • A look at self massage (including fun with noodles)
  • Anatomy investigation: psoas & diapragm, How the spine articulates ~ 'rules of the spine' (sidebend/twist safety rules ~ conditions 1,2 and 3).
  • Introducing 'the Conditions' as a resource map.
  • Practical investigation: RIBS





open workshops &
AV catchup days




Sister day:May2014
(For 500hr students)

  • Quality of 'seeing'
  • Quality of touch
  • Problem solving and specifics


May ~ 2014


A review of the 1,2,3 approach to patterning in terms of whole body/spine/ fluid core responses to touch and space.

  • The ribs and the solar plexus
  • the shoulders/wings, thoracic inlet and brachial plexus
  • the pelvis/legs and sacral plexus

The 3 'granthis'/psychic knots/spinal junctions and their integration (Lewes)

Simplifying things:

  • Condition 1 from 'the space and structure around it' to the ground and feet
  • Condition 2 from 'the space within it to space and the hands'
  • Condition 3 from the hands to the feet
  • Condition 4 from the feet (heels), up and THROUGH the space and/or relevant section of spine to the hands and out into space
  • 5... receive into the posture/movement/space
  • 6... release back to the spine and into movement , the posture, space.




April ~ 2014

Review of Condition 4 ~ Pulse!
Using the pulse to refine all features, all conditions, all practice...
Relevance to pranayama (in posture work)

Where to start with the body (the first 1,2 and 3 areas of the whole body and spine - fluid body at the spine's junctions/granthis)

Working from the Solar Plexus/ribs (from the spine) in both directions directions
(from the neck/upper spine DOWN and
from the base of the spine UP to unify at the solar plexus, and to meet at the centre of the spine=Condition3

Secondary action at the solar plexus ~ Making space ... associated bandhas/pranayamas ...

Applications to posture work (from the ribs/diaphragm/solar plexus)

Introducing Conditions 5 & 6
(receive into movement & release into movement)




March ~ 2014

PATTERNS ~ Knees & lumbar spine / elbows and spine of the neck Refining Condition 3 ~ from the major joint joints (knees & elbows), and from the centre of the secondary curves (behind the navel and throat). Bi-directional opening to cause a 'coming together' at a point towards the heart-centre of the spinal axis.
The Fractal nature of conditions - zoom in /zoom out
(conditions within conditions)
Moving the fluid body with structure
(bi-directional/cross-diagonal relationships - spirals)

Clarifying the purpose of the bandhas

Introducing Condition 4 ~ PUSLE ! 




January ~ 2014

Review of Condition 1,2 and 3
(relationship to ground & touch, space & breath, relationships to and from the spine)
Consolidation through posture work.

Introducing the fluid body & diaphragms,
including elements of the deep front line
(the psoas / longus colli with
the respiratory diaphragm/soft palate)






BBC 4 Documentary ~ the Foot


December ~ 2013

Review of Conditions 1&2
(relationships to touch & ground/relationships to space)
Introduction of Condition 3
(relationships to the spine).

' Through the joints'
as a model of support & movement.

Introduction to PATTERNING:
The relationships between the spine and the
the feet/hands. (out to, and back from the touch)




Marc's DEMOS
Practice with commentary:
triangle base, leg stretches, rolling through the spine





November ~ 2013

Review of Condition 1 (relationship to ground)
Introduction of Condition 2 (relationship to space)




Marc's DEMOS
Practice with commentary: Sequence 1:




October ~ 2013

What is yoga? The approach :
'Creating the Conditions' : Condition 1
~ Become Present (and Quiet)
Natural development and function.




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